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Tipi @ Five Oaks

We’d like to introduce Five Oaks


Catering for hundreds of weddings, parties & corporate events has given us a wealth of knowledge in our industry. We’ve been working incredibly hard to purchase our own woodland wedding & events venue in the Slinfold, West Sussex. We are so pleased to announce Five Oaks will be available for weddings & events from July 2016 onwards.

We wanted to offer our clients both new and old the opportunity to have a relaxed celebration in a stunning setting under the cover of our connected Giant Hat Tipi’s. Five Oaks is an unspoilt, unique space which lends itself to the current DIY Wedding / Festival style themed party, celebration or wedding.



Five Oaks is set on a 5 acre property with our a clearing in our copse of Oak trees for ceremonies. Along with our woodland cabin guests can roast marshmallows over and open fire and enjoy all that you bring to day. We wanted to create a space which would allow our clients to explore their creativity without restriction.



If you wish, we can connect our clients with the most experienced & innovative suppliers in the industry right now. We want our clients to have a stress-free and unforgettable experience. The suppliers we’ll recommend have been put through their paces by our experienced team under difficult circumstances. 






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