DIY Weddings & The Best Food Trucks

We LOVE DIY Weddings.

DIY Weddings are on the rise again in 2018! Couples are ditching tradition and the "humdrum" trends of the previous generations. Our industry is going through somewhat of a reformation and it makes us happy.

The days of the "boring traditional wedding" are numbered. It's being replaced with exciting days, full of vibrancy and personalisation.

Many couples are creating their special day to be a reflection of all the important things in their relationship. From Colour schemes to wedding cakes every element is being flipped on it's head.


DIY weddings can be financially savvy, however it's not always about that. We see a huge cost saving for our clients compared to Fine Dining or other more formal dining experiences.

Many of the most exciting wedding caterers out there at the moment have come from the street food movement. At it's core it was about honest, tasty food with superb sourcing. The best food trucks will offer high end restaurant quality whilst being affordable.

The quality easily matches what you would find inside some of the best fine dining experience, but there is an extra layer of personalisation.  It makes for a more quirky and exciting wedding menu.

For example we have been providing our woodfired pizza menu for some time.  It's a huge hit with everybody without exception. The very nature of the pizza means that it is so easy to make your own special variation.  Even with all that customisation we find that our menu tends to be between 60 - 70% cheaper than a fine dining experience from another caterer.

The Best Food Trucks are certainly a sight which appears to be gaining in popularity.  The money that you save on someone like us means that the funds can be focused elsewhere.  

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