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Our Ovens

Regional Finalist Wedding Industry Awards 2015 for London & South East England


Our ovens are unique and just how we wanted them to be. We wanted to create an “Open Kitchen” so that our clients and their guests could enjoy seeing our chef’s at work. There is something magical about watching a talented chef create wonderful food which is then cooked in a wood fired oven. We wanted guests to be able to see every step of the process, from the stretching of dough balls to topping and then cooking. Wether we are making pizzas, roasting meats, preparing our canapés or creating desserts we want you to feel part of the process!




“Irene” The Oven


“Irene” was named after my Grandmother who spent hours teaching me to cook when I was a child. From how to pick fruit and vegetables to which herbs and spices would compliment particular dishes, her lessons gave me a passion for cooking. It is for this reason we named our first oven in her memory.

“Scarlette” The Oven


“Scarlette” was named after my wife who encouraged me to follow my dreams of starting our catering company. I grew up in the countryside watching farmers potter around in Land Rover Defenders. Ever since I could recognise the model I knew one day I would own one. Due to the popularity of “Irene” we wanted to create another iconic pizza oven to join the family. Enter “Scarlette” our Ex-Fire Service Land Rover Defender!

“Grace” The Oven


“Grace” was named after our beautiful daughter. She is a miracle baby, surviving a rare heart condition which was found early on during pregnancy. We were told to expect the worst but she kept on fighting and is now a healthy strong child who brings our family great happiness. Grace’s determination and strength taught our family a lesson on life.


All in all three life changing women who have made me the man I am today. They have given me the motivation, knowledge and strength to start and grow this business from scratch!




About Us

prepping photo 1200 x 300



The Mobile Pizzeria is a family business and was started by Tim & Annabelle in 2012.

Having spent our honeymoon cooking & eating our way around Italy and the South of France we were inspired to bring a little bit of the Mediterranean back to Blighty. We fell in love with cooking with wood fired ovens and the dishes which could come from them.

The aim of The Mobile Pizzeria was to create wonderful wood fired pizzas and build a reputation for excellence. We have earned our reputation by offering a dedicated stress-free service, delicious menus and value for money. The flawless delivery of every event is paramount to us and our highly experienced team function like a well oiled machine. We are always touched when our clients take the time to express their gratitude for our services, if you would like to review some of our testimonials click here.

Our impressive reputation has spread by word of mouth whilst catering for weddings, parties and corporate events in Surrey, Sussex, London, Oxfordshire.

We have come a long way since the beginning and we are one of the most renowned “Street Food” companies in the UK with a cult following. Reviewed and ranked by food writers and critics our dishes stand out in an industry full of talent and creativity. If you would like to find out a little more about our progress in The British Street Food Awards head on over to our Facebook or Twitter page.





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It has to be perfect.


Regional Finalist Wedding Industry Awards 2015 for London & South East England



From an intimate dinner party, to a extravagant celebration for 1000+, every dish from The Mobile Pizzeria is made with love, care and attention to detail. The key to an enjoyable, memorable event is having an experienced catering team to take away the stresses.

We reached Regional Finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards 2015 for London & South East of England for Catering. This was no small task, our clients nominated us and voted The Mobile Pizzeria as their favourite suppliers out of the thousands to choose from. The competition was fierce, made up of the most talented Chefs & Caterers in the business. The kind words of our clients in their comment section swung the balance in our favour, Thank You all.

I’m sure you’ll understand we’re really proud of this achievement but we’ve got high hopes for 1st prize next year!

The Mobile Pizzeria offers an unrivalled service because we take the time to listen carefully to the wishes of our clients. From sourcing rare ingredients to creating complex logos from our toppings, we have had some incredible requests. If it matters to you then it matters to us, we will do our very best to make your vision come to life.

 Each event is handled with relaxed professionalism, with every expectation exceeded and without hidden charges.

 Our dishes are designed to impress and satisfy your guests, they look stunning! and taste amazing. Each week our chefs take time to get creative in the kitchen, working on new ideas and perfecting existing dishes. In our opinion this practise keeps our skills sharp and ensures we stay at the forefront of our field. Here is a selection of some of our favourite dishes but we will happily design dishes for you.

Gluten Free, Vegetarian & other dietary options available.

Starters & Canapés

Wedding Catering

Homemade Rustic Garlic Pizza Bread

Homemade Roasted Garlic Oil (with or without mozzarella)

private parties 

Trio of Bruschetta

Caramelised Onion & Goats Cheese

Roasted Peppers & Feta Cheese

Vine Ripened Tomato and Red Onion

(Other options available on request)

corporate events 

Mixed Olives

A selection of the finest marinated olives from the Mediterranean.

Street food  

AntiPasti Platter

A selection of the finest cured meats, cheeses and other delicious treats


Mozzarella, Tomato & Fresh Basil Platter

Sliced mozzarella balls, vine-ripened tomatoes & fresh basil leaves.

 Jamie Oliver



Mixed Leaf Salads with choice of dressings


Speciality Salads

Pizzas for weddings

Wood Fired Garlic & Rosemary Roast Potatoes

oven roasted to perfection before your guests eyes.

Catering in London

Creamy Homemade Potato Salad

with fresh spring onion

Catering in Surrey

Homemade Coleslaw

made with Fresh Red Cabbage, Carrot, Red Onion & our Homemade Mayonnaise dressing. 


Pizza Course

Festival style weddings


San Marzano tomato base and Mozzarella


San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella and Pepperoni Slices.

The Herbivore

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Mixed bell pepper, Mushrooms, Sliced Black olives.

Rustic Ham and Mushroom

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Ham, Mushroom.

Surfer’s Paradise

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Ham, Pineapple.

The Carnivore

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Chorizo, Pepperoni and Ham.

The Veggie

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Mixed Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Sliced Black olives, Caramelised Red Onion and Goats Cheese.

The Sinner

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella,  Pepperoni, Ham, Chorizo, Sliced Roquito Chilli and if you dare we can add The Mobile Pizzeria’s Chilli & Lime Hot Sauce for some added heat.

Stone baked pizzas



Wood Fired Desserts 

Oven-Roasted apple slices, topped with crushed Ginger biscuits and double cream

Oven-Roasted plums, topped with Amaretti biscuits and double cream

Oven-Roasted bananas, topped with maple syrup and almonds.

 gluten free

Evening Meal


8 Hour (Low & Slow) Wood Fired BBQ Pulled Pork with Homemade Coleslaw

served in artisan bread rolls from our local baker.


Creamy Homemade Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Based on the recipe my Grandmother(Irene) made for us as children with a modern twist


Mediterranean Style Grilled Halloumi or Chicken wraps

with wood fired roasted peppers, courgettes, olives and fresh coriander and our homemade spicy Tzatziki sauce to dress


Exotic Moroccan Inspired Couscous salad

with Chickpeas, Sweet Raisins and colourful vegetables dressed with our spiced olive oil and lemon dressing.

If you like the sound of what we are about, what we do and you would like to make contact then please click here. Our friendly and efficient team will be happy to listen to your needs and help to the bring your vision to life.


 Testimonials 1200 x 300



“Irene”, “Scarlette” and “Grace” along with The Mobile Pizzeria family have been on many journeys which has seen us cover events in Surrey, Sussex, London, Kent, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and even as far as Somerset. We have covered a wide spectrum of events from weddings to private parties for an art director of popular action movies to major music festivals.

People love us not just because they trust us to make one hell of a pizza, but because they trust us to be organised, friendly and always reliable.  Here are some kind words from clients, event organisers and some of the blogs we have been covered in.


We reached Regional Finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards 2015 for London & South East of England. Our clients nominated us and voted The Mobile Pizzeria as their favourite suppliers out of the thousands to choose from. We didn’t put ourselves forward for the competition, it was our clients. We feel this is one of the most touching testimonials we could ever ask for, Thank You.

The competition was fierce, made up of the most talented Chefs & Caterers in the business. The kind words of our clients in their comment section swung the balance in our favour.

Bloggers, Critics & Awards…

Blogs are a huge part of the wedding planning process nowadays. A perfect way to see what’s hot and gathering useful hints and tips to make your big day a roaring success. There are many out there but The Mobile Pizzeria team have blown the socks off some of the most popular ones in the UK. Below are just some of our favourites.

Go Hen – UK’s Best Wedding Caterers

( Top Spot for the South East of England – Thanks Guys x)


Rock My Wedding – Emma & Ben’s Wedding


Rock And Roll Bride – Gabriella & Iain’s Hippy Boho Farm Wedding


Philippa Ratcliffe – Food Critic & Creator of Streeteats

An early review of The Mobile Pizzeria & our humble Street Food beginnings


Local Food Britain – A fab Blog about Local Food, Great chefs & Suppliers

Again an early review but like a great wine we’ve gotten better with age


O2 Smarta Business Awards – Best People Business 2014


Wood Fired Caterers

What our clients have to say…

These are just a handful of the hundreds of thank you emails we receive each year. We can’t put them all on the website but these are some very special thank you’s we’ve chosen for sentimental reasons.

Top 10 Wedding Caterer’s

Thought I would just drop you a note to say thank you for catering our wedding back in June!

The pizzas were fantastic – keeping the dancers, drinkers and campers all happily fed throughout.  It has been commented by all how good they were!.  The children also really enjoyed making the own pizzas!.

Thanks again- and hopefully will be able to find one your mobile pizzas again soon.
Tom and Clare.


I just wanted to say that I LOVED your pizzas at our party last night. And I was hugely impressed with the speed at which your guys managed to produce them. Thanks and well done.



Film Editor – Shortlist Magazine


Just wanted to send you a quick email while we’re still away to say a massive thank you for being a part of our wedding.

It genuinely felt like having a mate helping out on the day and was alot of fun having you guys there. So many people have said how good the pizza was. It went down so well! Can’t believe you managed to do the Mountbatten pizza. Amazing.

When we get the pictures back we’ll send over the ones with everyone eating pizza.

Thank so much,
Tom and April

Wedding Caterer of the year

I just wanted to say a massive thanks for delivering amazing pizzas at my wedding recently. Initially we had no idea what we wanted for our evening food but we knew we wanted it to be delicious and fun! And you delivered both of those wishes.

From the start you were very easy to deal with, you didn’t charge more (even when I said the wedding word) and you put me at ease with your knowledge, experience and friendly nature, assuring me I knew you were going to be a fantastic addition to my day.

The whole set up was fantastic, the oven is really authentic and it was great to have a choice of lots of delicious flavours to meet all my guests!

Everyone loved the taste and is one of the main things people have commented since our wedding – “wow those pizzas were the best I have tasted!”

Thanks Tim and the team!

Event Catering

Hi Tim, we’re gradually coming off cloud 9 after the wedding and wanted to say a big thank you for your catering. The food was fantastic and the guests really enjoyed it. The Garlic & Rosemary roasties were a real success and made the meal extra special. The canapés were beautifully presented and tasted really good too.  You had judged quantities perfectly. By the time the wedding came, having spent time with you, we felt you were part of us, so good when we really wanted everything to be DIY!  What perfect weather too…I’m not sure I would have liked todays temp. The photographer is on holiday, but I’m hoping he took some pictures of the cooking so we have a full reminder….if not we’ll have to come to you again for a photo for the album. Thank you once again!

Carol x

Wood Fired Pizzas

We just wanted to say a huge thanks to you, the team & Irene for being part of our very special day and making the evening so wonderful.
The pizzas went down a delicious treat – everyone loved them and I had a few comments of ‘oh my god, that’s the best pizza I’ve ever had!’ Haha!
We were a little worried we would have too much food but your recommendation was perfect. There were only a few left which got taken back the hotel I’ve been told for a midnight snack!

Land Rover Pizza Oven

So many friends have continued to say what a great idea it was having you guys there!
Hope business is doing well for you, we will certainly be recommending you and hope to see you at some point soon for a cheeky pizza!

All the best and thanks so much again,
Jenny & Stuart

Best Pizza in London

Just wanted to say thank you to your staff for Saturday – they were brilliant and everybody loved your dishes – I would recommend you for any party or function.
Best Regards
Best Pizzas in England 

I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work and fantastic food from your team last night.
I look forward to recommending you at every opportunity.  
Keep up the good work and best of luck.
See you at the next one.
Simon and Jane

Festival Weddings 

Thank you so much for making our evening, quite a few people have taken your details.  Everyone is still talking about the pizzas and you guys made it what it was with all of your hard work.  So many people commented on yourself, your team and of course Irene!   

It was wonderful and your pizza was delicious.
Again, I cant thank you enough for being a part of it and hope that you enjoyed it too.  
We have both said we would book you again when we have another party!
Kindest regards
Pinterest Brides 

Just a quick email to say a big Thank You to you and your team for the wedding food. We had such an amazing day and we were both so happy with your food, presentation and your help with the sticky situation the week before with the barn!
Since coming back from honeymoon we’ve gradually heard peoples ‘feedback’ from the day and everyone just loved the food and were amazed that we did pizza not the traditional meat & veg (we kept the food choice as a surprise for most people.) It just went with the laid back feel of the day so well and it was just so tasty!

I have attached some photos for you to keep on a word document. It wouldn’t let me send them as photos as they were too large for email. The photos were taken by the photographer and as of yesterday I have the copyright so if you would like to use them for anything in the future you have my permission Emoji

Thank you!
Stacey & Callum 

 How to plan a wedding
Just a late Thank you for The Mobile Pizzeria on Sunday 5th August this year.  It went down really well with all of our guests. Really yummy pizzas, salads etc. 
It is my daughter 18th on the 3rd July next year, and we are looking to re-book with yourselves”.
Many thanks 
Kind regards 
marquee hire 
I would just like to say a very big thank you to you and your team for the great Pizza you did for us last night for our staff event. Your team were very helpful and courteous and accommodated our requests with a great can do attitude and a smile. Our team loved the food and it was lovely for our chefs not to have to cook!

We will defiantly recommend your company if anyone is looking for a similar event in the area, thank you all once again.



(Coming from the GM of a famous Hotel with two AA Rosette’s we were really pleased to get this email!)

Award Winning Caterers

I know Jon tweeted you but I just personally want to say
The service you gave us was fantastic.
Right from our very first telephone conversation I knew we’d made the right choice for our evening food.

All your guys were fab
The talk of the evening.
Our day was truly perfect in many ways and you helped to make that happen.
Thank you
See you soon for more pizza

Laura  xx
MRS KNOX!!! Ha ha

Mobile Pizzeria

We were thrilled with the all fabulous food you prepared for us on Saturday, huge thanks again to all of you for such brilliant work. All our guests were hugely complimentary about every course and hopefully the empty boards and platters spoke volumes….that and your roar of approval when you came in to say goodbye! I’m so glad we found your company and delighted that you could be a part of Mike’s birthday evening, you made it a very special night.

“Huge thanks and all good wishes for on going success for you and Annabelle and the team.

Best wishes,

Nicola and Mike

(A special Birthday for the art director of many popular action movies, Tunbridge wells, Kent)

  DIY weddings

I cannot thank you enough for such fabulous catering! Irene was super and both yourself and your team were so professional and friendly. Your pizzas were legendary I shall be craving the goats cheese one in particular!! So much so that I may have to book you again just to have one!! We will defiantly use you for our next function.

Lisa and Harvey

Country Weddings 

“Guys I just want to say thank you for making your incredible pizza all night! We have had nothing but praise from everyone and it was great to have your support. 

Lots of love from all The MATTfest team

Matt C

 Shaneritchie tweet

A lovely tweet Shane Ritchie (Eastenders “Alfie Moon”) sent out about us catering at his “Skating In The Park” event in Reigate. He’s a lovely guy and a big advocate of what we do. We think he meant Carlsberg but you get the gist!  

Our Friends

Holi Festival 1200 x 300

We cater for around 150+ events & weddings per year. This means we get to travel to wonderful locations and work with the best in the business when it comes to suppliers. We have compiled a comprehensive list of our favourites to help make your event special and run as it should.

Please feel free to let us know which suppliers/venues you like the look of. We can run through our past experiences of working with these guys to give you some ideas. If you could be so kind to mention us if you get in touch we’d really appreciate it!


Blogs are a great way of giving inspiration and showcasing the greatest suppliers across the wedding & event industry. Here are our favourite Blog’s. We’ve been covered numerous times by them as they rate us as one of the Top Caterer’s in the UK.

Rock My Wedding – www.rockmywedding.co.uk

Rock And Rock Bride – www.rockandrollbride.com

Go Hen – www.gohen.com

Stunning Venues

The Barn at Bury Court, Bentley, Surrey – www.burycourtbarn.com

The Old Greens Barn, Newdigate, Surrey – www.newdigate-estates.co.uk

Hookhouse Farm, Outwood, Surrey – www.hookhousefarm.com

Upwaltham Barns, Chichester, West Sussex – www.upwalthambarns-weddings.co.uk

Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, E14 – www.trinitybuoywharf.co.uk

Westmead Events, Surrey – www.westmeadevents.com

Check out Westmead’s aerial video below of their beautiful grounds


Waiting staff

Waiting Staff, Bars & Front of house

Events by Helen – eventsbyhelen@hotmail.com

From decorating your venue, pouring welcome drinks to waiting tables & running the bar. Helen & her experienced team add a little extra sparkle to our events. Front of house staff can make or break an event which is why we choose to work with Helen).

Barrel & Cask – www.barrelandcask.co.uk

Barrel and Cask is an established company specialising in providing temporary bars and carefully-sourced drinks for a wide range of events across the UK. Working with clients ranging from private individuals to professional event organisers, we have a reputation for outstanding service and support, creating tailored packages that perfectly match requirements.

From custom made “Ice Bars” to “Shabby Chic designs” Barrel & Cask have not only the knowledge but the logistical backing to ensure flawless results every time. They have made it to our list due to their slick, professional and highly focused customer service approach. A joy to work with!

BeetleJuice Bars – www.beetle-juice.co.uk

A must have if your looking for a quirky bar. From “Mocktails” to “Mojitos” and everything inbetween. Beetlejuice span the Southeast with their VW Camper Van bars (they have 11) and are placed perfectly to work alongside The Mobile Pizzeria team. Well organised and well structured to ensure a stress free service…Recommend!

The Bug Bar – www.thebugbar.co.uk

For a Festival style wedding there is nothing more fun than having cool food and drink trucks side by side. Justin and his team have two beautiful VW Camper Van bars which look stunning.

The 43 Club – www.the43club.co.uk

If your looking for a little more elegance in your cocktails then look no further than The 43 Club. Serving high end cocktails from their converted Land Rover Defender, Rew and his team are simply a cut above the rest. Featuring on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces similar to ourselves took a concept and ran with it. (It’s probably why we get on so well)

 Glass Hire


We don’t do boring and neither do our photographers. They catch those little moments everyone misses and that’s what makes them special.

Jessica Jill Photography– www.jessicajillphotography.com

Charlotte Razell Photography – www.charlotterazellphotography.com

Wedding Planners & Co-Ordinators

The secret to a perfect event is the planning. Having someone to bounce ideas off, find great suppliers & organise/manage your day is worth its weight in gold! Here are our favourites as they are incredible at what they do.

White Lace Weddings (Emily Tudor) – http://www.whitelaceweddings.co.uk

Wedding Breakfast 


All of these groups are quite literally perfect! They are quirky and actually get guests dancing. If you’re sick of the norm then check them out.


Ruby & The Rhythms – www.rubyandtherhythms.com

Ruby & The Rhythms seamlessly take your favourite tracks and “mash” them together. Its almost like having a DJ but with real instruments. Give them your favourites or an era and they’ll make sweet, sweet music for your event. 


Brassroots – www.brassrootsmusic.co.uk



From Weddings to music festivals our Dj’s can match your requirements and exceed your expectations. Taking your lead by customising the music to suit your tastes and what you want to achieve.

Acoustic Chemistry – www.acousticchemistry.co.uk

Music Agencies

Functional Central (Live Music Agency) – www.functioncentral.co.uk

These guys know everyone worth knowing in the live music business. If you’re a little lost then give them a call!

Ice Cream Carts, Photo Booths & Quirky Suppliers

Fancy a Treat – Fancyatreat.co.uk
Provider of Ice Cream Carts, Popcorn Carts & Chocolate Fountains. They have worked with many corporates and are a leading supplier in and around London
OMG Photobooths – OMGPhotobooths.co.uk
Provider of Photo Booths & Selfie Pods. Latest Technology in Photo Booths covering HD Video, Green Screen, Interactive Props.

Photo Gallery

Holi fest 2 1200x300


As a well respected catering company we are lucky enough to be involved with some of the most spectacular events. From intimate soirées to the most extravagant weddings and corporate events imaginable, we have fed blushing brides, CEO’s of major brands and all those in-between. We always seek permission from our clients to use photos taken at events out of respect. We will never publish photos from client events without their permission.

Here is our collection of photos from our travels. We will be adding more photos very soon so pop back and see what we have been up to! This is a great space for inspiration and ideas for any perspective client looking to add the extra layer of “pizzazz”. If you are struggling with ideas then our team are more than willing to suggest fresh ideas to tie in with your theme.

 Like what you see? Why not get in touch either by phone or email. For the most up to date shots then head on over to our Facebook or Twitter page to see what is happening in the world of The Mobile Pizzeria.


Street Food Menu

Menu 1200 x 300


The ingredients we use are fresh and healthy, and are sourced from local suppliers wherever we can. This menu is subject to change depending on seasonal availability from our suppliers. Each pizza is approximately 12″ and is freshly made when we receive your order.

Call & Collect: 07782249902

Card Payments Now Available on orders of £10+ 


Tuesday:  Reigate 5-9pm –  The Prince of Wales / Reigate Station.

WednesdayBrockham 5-9pm The Spar Shop on Brockham green.

Thursday: Redhill 5-9pm – The Garland Pub (Opposite Ford) on the Brighton Road.

Got a suggestion for an ingredient you would like us to use or an idea for a pizza? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


*NEW* “Bambino Menu”:

(Mini Pizzas perfect for your little tikes)

Margherita – £3

Ham & Mozzarella – £3.50

Pepperoni – £3.50

Chicken & Sweetcorn – £4

“Create your own” – £3 + 50p per topping



Margherita – £7

San Marzano tomato base and Mozzarella

Pepperoni – £8

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella and Pepperoni Slices.

The Herbivore – £8

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Mixed bell pepper, Mushrooms, Sliced Black olives.

Rustic Ham and Mushroom – £8

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Ham, Mushroom.

Surfer’s Paradise – £8

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Ham, Pineapple.

*Special* The Carnivore – £10

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Chorizo, Pepperoni and Ham.

*Special* The Veggie – £10

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Mixed Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Sliced Black olives, Caramelised Red Onion and Goats Cheese.

*Special* The Sinner – £10

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Ham, Chorizo, Sliced Roquito Chilli and if you dare we can add The Mobile Pizzeria’s Chilli & Lime Hot Sauce for some added heat.

*Special* The Full Monty – £12

San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Ham, Pepperoni, Mixed Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Sliced Black Olives, Pineapple and Roquito Chillis.

Contact Us

Bride and groom 1200 x 300


The Mobile Pizzeria team love to listen to our customers. On this page you can choose which way you want to stay in contact with us. Communication is key to ensuring your event runs smoothly. It is something we take very seriously and in many circumstances we are called upon when other caterers have let their clients down.

We promise to listen to what you need and then we will make recommendations based on our extensive experience. We continually strive to improve, to ensure we are the best we can be for our clients. We welcome feedback and ideas on how you feel we can make changes, if you have a suggestion choose one of the following mediums to let us know.

For events, locations or any other catering enquiries please fill in the form below.

Call us: 07782249902

Street Food Ordering

Call & Collect: 07782249902


One of the best ways to stay mobile and keep up to date on the current location of The Mobile Pizzeria is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We also keep you updated on scrumptious new pizza toppings for Our Menu and promotions too.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/themobilepizzeria

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mobilepizzeria or search for @mobilepizzeria

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